Friday, March 4, 2011

Genetic Minds...

Today I woke up with a migraine... again... for the fourth time in two weeks. For me having a migraine is no simple thing since it pretty much makes as useless as a vegetable until its gone. 
But of course I'm a smart cookie and because I'm so smart and discerning set out in a search for information on what causes migraines.
 I therefore set out on a Google search and found, to my deepest regret and surprise, that anything from chocolate and peanut butter to exercise and certain levels of light can cause a person to suffer the migraines of death! How can this be!!! Even (heavenly) chocolate has been known to cause migraines!!!
 Through further reading and investigation I was led to the conclusion that everyone has different symptoms, triggers, and treatments for migraines. So not helpful...
Seeing little to no hope of discovering a cure for my suffering I decided to look at my "gENeTicS" (such a creepy word). I come from a long line of Old-Men-Suffering-Back-Complainers (I'm starting a club) and so I went into a deep mind-melding meditation (for like 2 minutes). In my exhausting, neural-melting exercise I decided to blame genetics for my suffering because there is no way I'm giving up chocolate!!!

Of course I'm going to try and make a spiritual application with all this!

How often do we decide to keep eating chocolate because we'd rather die than consider the fact that it might be slowly killing us?
Before I answer the question I want you to know that there is no disrespect towards parents, I simply wish to shine a light into a place few dare enter.

In 1 Kings 14-15 we see a bloody mess of kings that willingly inherit the sins of their predecessors simply because they like the taste of "chocolate". We so easily fall into the "genetics" of carrying the baton of our family's sins into our own lives with little desire of wondering how they affect our spiritual growth. 
I wish to urge my brothers (sisters, friends, acquaintances, family, and Knights of NI) to examine that which we have taken in character and in love from our parents. 
 Do not follow in the ignorance of your fathers for as is shown in God's word we ARE held accountable for everything we do. 
I find that few people speak on this matter because we all love our parents and fear to dishonor or hurt them. Even so, I honestly believe that our loving parents wish nothing more than for us to surpass them in our own walk with the Lord.
Maybe its time for us to figure out that we are to grow in every aspect of our lives and sometimes it means we must grow-out of habits that have been established since before we can remember (burping is so not a sin). 

As a son who loves and is loved by his parents, I believe that I too can teach them to be more like Christ with the changes I make in my own life.

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  1. Amen! Well-said, brother, from a mom who SO wishes she hadn't passed on some of the sinful family traits to my children. You are so right, I long for my children to love, serve and honor the Lord EVEN MORE SO than we, their parents, did.